William Lee Cowden, MD

Dr. Cowden is a board certified Cardiologist and Specialist in Internal Medicine. Internationally known and recognized for his proficient technique in the use of Evaluative Kinesiology, Dr Cowden has refined treatment protocols for Cancer, Lyme disease, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, as well as many other medical conditions including Reversing Heart and Vascular Disease.

 Dr. Cowden is the author or co-author of several publications and books including:

   An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, 1997
   Alternative Medicine guide to Heart Disease, 1998
   Cancer Diagnosis; What to do next, 2000
   Longevity, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, 2001

In addition to these publications, Dr Cowden was also on the editorial board for: Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, (First Edition, 1993; Second Edition, 2002) and contributed to Alternative Medicine Guide to Heart Disease 1998 and several other books. Dr. Cowden is the co-founder of the Academy of Bio-Energetic and Integrative Medicine of North Texas (2002). ABEIM is an organization that sponsors health seminars for health professionals and lay public locally, nationally and internationally. He is also an International Integrative Medicine Health Educator who has given presentations in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Taiwan, England, the Netherlands, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Cowden’s Lyme Disease Protocol:

The entire protocol is on sale here:


Cowden's full program consists of a diet appropriate for the blood type (according to Dr. D'Adamo), dry brush message daily for detoxification, laughter, positive affirmations, magnesium, enzymes and pH balancing - all in the first two weeks. There was a significant improvement with just that. The samento was withheld until the third week, when the subjects were deemed strong enough to withstand the possible Herxheimer (die-off) reaction.

The product name is Prima Uña de Gato (Samento). It's a form of cat's claw from the Peruvian jungle that's superior to typical forms. The beneficial effects of most cat's claw preparations are blunted by the content of TOA (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), which inhibit the real active agents, called POA (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids). The latter, more favorable compounds are known to modulate and up-regulate the immune system. Many commercially available cat's claw preparations contain up to 80 percent TOA. As little as one percent TOA can reduce POA effectiveness up to 80 percent.

In addition, the specific species of TOA-free cat's claw contains considerable quantities of quinovic acid glycosides. These compounds are what the latest generation of quinolone antibiotics (such as Cipro) are based on. The natural compounds provide safe and significant direct antimicrobial effects on Lyme disease.

Treatment with TOA-free cat's claw isn't an overnight sensation. It can take a long treatment process because of the variety of forms of Bb, the long length of time it can exist in your body in the CWD form, and because it can hide out in cells into which it has burrowed. It's only when they emerge that they are susceptible to your white cells, and in the mature spirochete form that they are sensitive to attack by antibiotics or the immune system, as well as the improved cat's claw. The organism can lie dormant for months or years after infection.

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For more infomation : http://www.samento.com.ec/sciencelib/medmain.html

Dr  Cowden, is currently based in Chandler, near Phoenix, Arizona. He manages the Academy of Bio-Energetic and Integrative Medicine (ABEIM), which runs a variety of related seminars nationally, as well as internationally.



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